Vacancy: Viscount Preferred

Vacancy: Viscount Preferred

Series: Calling All Rakes, Book 4
Genres: Mystery, Victorian Romance

Coming June 7, 2022.

Lady Priscilla is in trouble…

When a cousin she didn’t even know existed inherits her father’s title, the new Earl of Purlington wants more than just the earldom, he want’s Priscilla too. Or at least, her dowry. What she needs is a hero. A man to swoop in and save her despite her cousin’s intimidating lurking. Well not an actual hero, not like the one currently being featured in the papers for all his heroic deeds, but perhaps a man willing to stand up to her cousin and marry her despite the odd circumstances. But how does she find a man like that?

The Viscount of Ware stalks the night…

He wears a mask of course. It wouldn’t do as a lord of the realm to also be discovered as a vigilante. And then there’s the issue of the large scar on his face. It’s better hidden under a mask. But the work is dangerous and as his brother so bluntly points out, he has certain obligations to the viscountcy. Like making an heir… It’s a fair point, but what lady would wish to marry him? His life as a lord isn’t exactly normal and neither is his appearance.

That is until he sees an ad in the paper. A woman in need of a hero? A man in need of a baby? It’s a simple transaction. Easy.

Except from the first, Priscilla is nothing that he imagines and the attraction that sizzles between them only complicates everything. His emotions have been frozen for years. Why do they threaten to defrost now?

And worse yet, what will he do if he loses the battle for Priscilla’s hand and heart?

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