Tempting Miss Daisy

Tempting Miss Daisy

Series: House of Devon, Book 6

A match with a baron was beyond her wildest dreams…

Daisy knew where she stood in society. When her father landed in debtor’s prison, she was lucky to have a roof over her head and employment that kept her fed and clothed. At best, she might hope to one day meet a gentleman who’d overlook her lack of dowry, like her sister. But when the Baron of Hartwell visits her employer, his glances scorch and his touch ignites. But he’s so far about her station, she doesn’t even dare to dream.

She’s too tempting by half…

Miss Daisy Frank was not the sort of woman a baron considered for a bride. Yes, she was of the peerage, but after her father’s fall from grace she had no dowry, no prospects, and little chance of a good match. Except… she was also sweet, kind, and achingly beautiful. The sort of woman that might just soothe a man’s wounded soul.

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