Taming a Defiant Duke

Taming a Defiant Duke

Series: Taming a Duke's Heart, Book 8
Genres: Regency Romance, Victorian Romance

COMING JUNE 18, 2019

A surly duke and a desperate lady….

Can one difficult duke ruin all her future plans? The answer is most decidedly yes.

Emily Mayweather is desperate to provide a future for herself after her father’s death. But she hasn’t lost her pride and she won’t be ordered around by a surly arrogant duke no matter how much he blusters. Nor will she feel sorry for disrupting his perfect orderly life. Soon enough he can go back to being his grumpy self and besides, he’s the one who inserted himself into her affairs. Then there’s the issue of his handsomeness. It’s a problem. He goes around looking all dark and alluring until she can barely remember her own name, let alone properly set him in his place. But she has to remember because she’s already learned her lesson once. He doesn’t want her and he never will.

Future Duke of Manchfield, Lord Barret Maddox, is up to his eye sockets in reports, plans, and papers. Bar was determined to be the perfect duke in his father's absence or bury himself trying. He's already chosen the lady who would stand by his side, so that was a start. His bride to be would make the perfect duchess, not only that but she saw his worth, which was more than he could say for Miss Emily Mayweather. One unpleasant run-in years ago and she seems to think he's solely responsible for all her troubles. That’s how she acts, anyhow. So why is it that every time Emily steps near him, all he can see is her? The answer was simple enough. She’s always had been too beautiful for his liking...and now she’s in trouble. Even though she doesn’t want his help, he can’t leave her to fend for herself. He’ll just have to keep his hands in check. And his heart? Well, that might be another matter...

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