Needed: A Dishonorable Duke

Needed: A Dishonorable Duke

Series: Calling All Rakes, Book 2
Genres: Mystery, Victorian Romance

She is not stalking the duke. She’s just following him. Very closely…

When Miss Mona Ayers finds herself betrothed to a marquess older than her father’s father, there is only one thing to do. Find a better suitor. But who is better than a marquess? A duke, of course.

The problem is the only one currently on the market, the Duke of Durham, is as derelict as he is determined not to marry. She knows, she’s done her research. She’s read every article ever printed about him in the London Times. She might have even cut them out and saved them. And when the opportunity to catch him alone and make him an offer he hopefully can’t refuse, Mona doesn’t hesitate. Any fate is better than be married to an elderly marquess.

But that’s when things really start to get tricky.

He refuses the offer.

Worse yet, some woman from his past is seeking retribution and just because Mona’s saved a few articles, all right, several, he thinks she might be said lady. She’s determined, yes. But deranged? Most certainly not.

But how to prove that to the Duke of Durham, convince him her plan for a marriage of convenience is sound, and save him from whatever woman wishes him ill? It’s a big task.

Mona, however, is up for the challenge.

The only other dilemma? Her heart has decided that convenience just won’t do.

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