Concert Kiss

Concert Kiss

Series: Accidental Kisses, Book 3
Genre: Young Adult

I’d never even had a boyfriend. It was ridiculous to dream of Derek, the baddest guy in the band.

Derek is the picture of dark rock god. Deep soulful eyes pierce through everyone he meets like an intense tornado. And his relationships resemble the same. They are a disaster, destroying everything in their wake. A guy like him is NOT part of my plan. I’m the responsible one who dates guys with long term potential, at least in theory. So why can’t I take my eyes or my mind off of him?

My type of girl is going to kill me. I mean emotionally, but one of them might actually attempt murder. My relationships are always exciting, right up until the point it goes crazy. It's my own fault, though. You see, I don't date good girls. They're too sweet, too wholesome, and they're way more trouble than they're worth. Take Melissa. The girl might not bring drama, but get to close to someone like that and someone's heart is bound to break. She's exactly the type of girl I've always avoided, the kind of girlfriend I never wanted. But maybe, just maybe, she's exactly what I need.

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About the Book

This book was formerly published under the title Love Notes. It is a SWEET romance with an HEA. Enjoy!

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