A Lord for Miss Lily

A Lord for Miss Lily

Authors: ,
Series: A Wallflower's Wish, Book 2
Genre: Sweet Regency Romance (K.A.M

Lily’s lord is her long lost friend. He’s also her worst enemy.

Lord Merrick is perfectly handsome and charming…but this lord is a complete traitor. Lily knows this for a fact as she is the very person he turned his back on. Now she’s determined to avoid him at the house party she’s been trapped at with her former friend.

The only problem? Lord Merrick is like the plague… he just keeps cropping up.

And when he saves her from a social embarrassment, she’s tempted to spill all her darkest secrets. But how could she ever trust him like that again?

Even if they could recapture the friendship that once filled her life with happiness what would she do about all the feelings that hint she wants to be far more than his friend?

There is only one thing left to do.

Allow him to kiss her under the moonlight.

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